Report: China Imprisons More Journalists Than Any Other Country

According to a report by the Committee to Protect Journalists, China currently jails more journalists than any other country in the world. The report states that 44 journalists are currently imprisoned in Chinese jails, up from 32 incarcerated journalists the previous year. CPJ further asserted that China now imprisons more journalists than at any other time since the group began tracking such arrests in 1990.

President Xi Jinping Defends Rejection of Foreign Journalist Visas

At a joint press conference with President Obama following the APEC Summit in Beijing, President Xi Jinping defended the Chinese government’s decisions to reject visa applications from a number of foreign journalists. Responding to a question regarding media freedom in China posed by a New York Times correspondent, Xi blamed the barred foreign journalists for their inability to obtain a Chinese visa.

The Supreme People's Court Issues Decision Strengthening Government Control Over Chinese Cyberspace

The Chinese Supreme People’s Court issued a decision Friday requiring Internet service providers and social media platforms to provide the government with users’ personal information. This latest decision is particularly troubling in light of other recently enacted censorship regulations and the ongoing campaign to harass and criminally detain cyber-dissidents and online “rumor-mongers.”

Chinese Journalists Ordered to Learn "Marxist News Values"

The All China Journalists’ Association, the government agency tasked with regulating professional Chinese journalists, published guidelines this past Saturday ordering Chinese journalists to learn “Marxist news values” and uphold the principles of news as prescribed by the Communist Party. The directive is the latest in a series of central government initiatives aimed at exerting greater control over Chinese media outlets.

Authorities Shutdown Film Festival and Detain Organizers Amid Crackdown on Free Expression

Chinese authorities detained Li Xianting and Wang Hongwei, two organizers of the 11th Annual Beijing Independent Film Festival, after the shutting down the event on its opening day – Sunday, August 24. Wang Shu, a colleague of the detained event organizers, told reporters that Li and Wang had been released from custody, though refused to comment further, saying that it was “inconvenient” to divulge details of their detention to the media.

How China Uses Media Aimed At Foreign Consumers To Attempt To Distort Coverage of Current Events

Daniel Patrick Moynihan, famed American political sociologist and member of four presidential administrations from Kennedy to Ford, once remarked that “If a person goes to a country and finds their newspapers filled with nothing but good news, there are good men in jail.” A quick glance at the front page of China Daily’s USA edition certainly proves this true.