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LRF will hold press conference to discuss forced labor products

On December 14, 2013 Stuart Foster, a college professor and former Fulbright scholar, was released from his eight-month sentence at the Baiyun Detention Center in Guangzhou, China, one of 1,398 identified administrative or criminal Chinese detention centers in which inmates are forced to perform arduous labor. While imprisoned, Mr. Foster was forced to manufacture Christmas lights and plastic component parts, much of which was ultimately exported to the United States in violation of American and Chinese trade laws. On Friday, June 20, 2014 at 12:00 PM, Mr.

Harry Wu Profiled in the Washington Free Beacon

In an article published last week in the Washington Free Beacon, journalist Daniel Wiser discusses the life and work of Laogai Research Foundation Executive Director Harry Wu, who established the Laogai Museum in 2008. The Laogai Museum is the only museum in the world dedicated to exposing historical and contemporary human rights abuses perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party.

Chinese Teen's Death on Forced Factory Work Experience Sparks Outrage

Tan Jiehong, a 16-year-old student at the Dali Yanbu Vocational and Technical College in Guangdong, died last month after being forced to work 12-hour shifts at an electronic appliance facility as part of a school program. Tan had asked for sick leave after coming down with a fever the day he died. Factory managers, however, denied his request.

The school Tan attended forced him to work at the factory as a prerequisite to graduating. Although the school admitted that they routinely force students to work 10-hour shifts, they refused to comment on Tan’s death.