Laogai Research Foundation Will Hold Press Conference On Friday, June 20th

On December 14, 2013, Stuart Foster, an American professor, was released from his eight-month sentence at the Baiyun Detention Center in Guangzhou, China. While imprisoned, Mr. Foster was forced to manufacture Christmas lights and plastic component parts, much of which was ultimately exported to the United States in violation of American and Chinese trade laws. On Friday, June 20 at 12:00 PM, Mr.

American University Law School Publishes LRF's Commentary on the Abolition of Reeducation-Through-Labor

American University Washington College of Law published the online version of the Laogai Research Foundation's commentary on the abolition of China's reeducation-through-labor system, which the journal published in print in December 2013. Titled "A Jail by Any Other Name," the article puts forth the argument that although the abolition of this relic of Maoist repression is a welcome development, such reform does not address the more fundamental injustice of officially sanctioned arbitrary detention that underpins the laojiao system.