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China Persecutes Leading Dissidents Following Legislative Session on Enhancing the Rule of Law

The trial of Gao Yu, a journalist detained in April, is scheduled to begin on Friday, November 21. Prosecutors have charged the 70-year-old activist with “illegally disseminating state secrets” for leaking a Communist Party directive warning against the dangers of “universal values.” If convicted, Gao faces a sentence of up to life in prison.

Authorities Detain at Least 93 for Supporting Hong Kong Protests

As world leaders gather in Beijing for the APEC Summit, the Communist Party continues its crackdown against activists voicing support for the protests in Hong Kong. Since the Hong Kong protests began on September 26, Chinese authorities on the Mainland have detained at least 93 people for supporting the protests, at least 76 of whom remain in custody.

Beijing Authorities Charge 81-Year-Old With "Picking Quarrels and Starting Trouble"

Chinese police arrested 81-year-old dissident writer Tie Liu and his caregiver after carrying out a raid on his home in Beijing on Sunday morning. During the raid, police reportedly confiscated four computers, an ipad, his cell phone, and volumes of books. Authorities detained Tie for “picking quarrels and starting trouble,” a charge often leveled against political dissidents.

Hangzhou Police Arrest Democracy Activists on Charges of Subversion of State Power

Authorities in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province arrested Chen Shuqing, a core member of the China Democracy Party, on charges of “subversion of state power.” Chen’s arrest comes after authorities detained another China Democracy Party member, Lu Gengsong, on the same charges. Chen previously served a four-year sentence for his role in establishing the China Democracy Party.

Prominent Activist Yang Maodong Set to Stand Trial as Crackdown on Civil Society Continues

Yang Maodong, a prominent political activist, is set to stand trial on Friday for disrupting public order, a charge stemming from his participation in a demonstration protesting the Communist Party’s censorship of an editorial published in the Southern Weekend newspaper in January 2013 calling for political reform